Modern and Contemporary House Grille

Upgrade your home with good and affordable Grille.

Malaysian homes are having a common features i.e the Grille. The grille function or objective could be for Safety & Security, fashion & aesthetic or just because your neighbour has installed hers or his.

Many homes, especially in the town, Grille is a must component of a house. It just a matter of time the house owner will install the grille.

Normally those just completed house in a housing estate does not come with the grille. The developer does not include the grille unless upon special request with special pricing. So, once the house buyer move n or before moving in, a grills is something very compulsory to be installed for safety reason.

House grilles can be very cheap as well as costly depend on your request of which it will relates to the type of materials to be used and the proposed design.

Grilles durability depend on certain factors such as the house location and the grills location itself.
If your house is located somewhere less than 2 – 3 kilometres from the sea side, your grille will get rusty faster than those houses far away from the sea. The other factor is whether the grille is installed inside or outside the house. Installation outside the house make it exposed to weather which can cause your grilles to get rusty earlier than expected. Other factor contributed to your grille condition is the installation. The individual who install your grille should knows how to do the installation such as avoid scratches or injury to the grille materials after it has been fabricated. With scratches or injury to the grille, it will expose the materials to unfavorable conditions.

Photos : Contributed by Mr. Ali of Crystal Gruud.

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