Fashionable & Safety House Gates

Selection of Main Gate sometimes give you a head-ache especially when his wife or her husband are both making a decision, but let keep this topic apart.

How big or how small is your house, a solid gate is almost compulsory especially if you are staying in town. However, if you stay in a village, sometimes your dogs can become a “solid gate”.

Almost every matured person knows the main purpose of the main gate is to keep unwanted visitors or pets / dogs or chickens simply enter your house and create havoc to your life. Only crazy guy would not know the purpose of the house or main gate.

All constructed houses in town by developers includes house main gate. Its part of the house. However, once someone bought the house, he or she might want to change the shoddy made original house gate with whatever fashion he or she preferred. Sometimes people change their house main gate to somewhat upgrade their life style and living with fashion.

Some original main gate constructed by the developer’s contractor may not be suitable for auto-gate function that cause the owner replace their main gate.

There are few types of gates that the new house owner normally change to. They are the Slide, Swing or Slide collapsible types. The later type normally happen when the space is so limited or just upon the fancy request of the house owner.

The selection of main gate type highly dependent on the situation and sometimes a good contractor will give a systematic advise which give the house owner sensible idea to accept the main gate type.

Out of all the purposes of the new Main gate installation normally for the Impression of it. The first impression factor is one of the main factor why the house owner loved to change their main gate of their house.

Some people love the classic design where as some others love antique design, modern or contemporary design.

Main gate made of Stainless steel are more popular now a days compared to the normal Iron or wooden gates. Galvanised steel can last much longer that may last as long as 50 years. Steel materials tend to be more cost effective. Wooden gate tend to rot much faster now adays as you can hardly find any hardwood as good as belian wood anymore. Not in the past 60 or 70 years ago.

Other factor to consider in choosing the type of gate is Privacy Matter. A solid and closely nitted gate material will make dificult for outsiders to peep you from outside such as those passerby and traffic. You may also opted for slated design to have a better privacy of which you can easily see through to outside but not from outside to the inside.

Some people prefer to have some sharp spikes on their gate to deter burglar or intruder that might think to climb your gate to get into the house compound and into the house.

One thing to consider before execute the deal, the gate weight is also important. A lighter gate will make easier to push manually to open as well as lighter for the auto power to run. A heavy gate sometime cause your auto-gate machine faulty frequently compare to the lighter weight.

Above all, do make some discussion with your contractor before execute the deal to install your main gate. Most contractors knows well through experience and will be happy to share their knowledge. But mind you, there are also some contractors who don’t like to share their knowledge but just follow your inexperience advise of which will cause some inconveniences in the near future.

Photo and job by Ali @ Crystal Gruud.

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