Changing of G.I Piping to Poly Piping System

Changing of Galvanised Iron piping system to poly pipe type due to some faulty parts of the GI type at the car porch. However, we changed the whole system as the house owner commented that the water flows to their taps were too slow and even no mood to take shower due to very slow water flow.

Initially, all Poly Pipe materials were SIRIM approved quality but somehow the estimate was short of another about 20 feet. So we went to buy additional pipe but this time was not a SIRIM Approved materials.

Upon joining all those non-sirim approval materials, we found out that they are so fit to use in the critical areas but maybe useful to some exposed areas such as around the drains or car porch. The reason being they are softer and thinner type and might disconnect by itself as they are a bit thinner than the approved version.

Risk associated with plumbing job

No job has no risk attached to it. Plumbing work could be a risky job but it highly depend on the environment where the work is done. Some environments are clean, isolated or very dirty.

Plumbing work normally involves assemble, install, or repair piping and fittings.

Some of the associated risks are as follows;
Exposure to contaminants such as from the sewerges system, Risk of minor burns, cuts, bites, and stings or even from dangerous creatures such as snakes. Exposure to disease and infections

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