Shattered Solar Panel

Broken Tempered Glass of the solar panel that was imported from China sometimes ago. It shattered into pieces but still stick to the cells of the panel.

Nevertheless, the cost was reimbursed by the seller.

Shattered glass panel for the Solar Panel

The problem with this kind of thing is how to dispose of it properly. If we have thousands of cracking, shattered or broken solar panels like this, we will have difficulty in disposing of them. For the above, it was sent to Council designated dumping ground,

Hoping the government is now looking on ways for broken and expired solar panels as it poses a hazard to the environment once it comes in large quantities such as in thousand units.

Currently, the government is allocating billions of ringgit in solar power projects of which in the years to come will cause many hazards to the environment. As such, the government shall also have a proper planning related to solar panel and accessories proper disposal.

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